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SQL Programming & Database Management

Step-By-Step Guide for beginners to learn SQL Programming & Database Management in six weeks.

  • Started Nov 18
  • 299 US dollars
  • MyU Office

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The 6 weeks long Microsoft SQL programming short summer course is a valuable opportunity for students and professionals interested in data management. This course helps individuals understand the complex world of Microsoft SQL and learn various programming techniques for creating, storing, and managing relational databases using SQL queries. It is ideal for those who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Microsoft SQL Server database management system, structured query language, data modeling, and the creation of tables. By the end of the program, learners will be able to create complex and powerful SQL queries and build tables, procedures, and indexes required for effective database management. The 6-week curriculum is designed by experienced experts and includes hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios to help participants develop the skills and knowledge they need to maximize their SQL programming potential. Table of Contents Chapter One: SQL Overview - History of SQL - Uses of SQL - People Using SQL Chapter Two: The Database Essentials - Database Fundamentals - Relational Database Fundamentals - Database Management Systems Chapter Three: The SQL Structure - SQL Fundamental Features - SQL Command Types - SQLite Database Features and Installation Instructions - Chapter Four: Data Types - Definition of Data - Types of Data - User-Defined Data Type Chapter Five: Data Definition Language Statements - CREATE Statement - ALTER Statement - DROP Statement Chapter Six: Data Manipulation Language Statements - INSERT Statement - UPDATE Statement - DELETE Statement Chapter Seven: Data Query Language Statements - SELECT Statement - WHERE Statement - ORDER BY and GROUP BY Statements Chapter Eight: Transactional Control Commands - COMMIT Command - ROLLBACK Command - SAVEPOINT Command Chapter Nine: Database Views - Defining Views - Creating Views - Dropping Views Chapter Ten: Enhancing Database Designs - Assigning Primary and Foreign Keys - Understanding Indexes - Normalizing Databases Chapter Eleven: Database Advance Topics - Cursors - Triggers - Errors Recap + Final Words - Recap and Final words

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  • 801 Kendra Terrace Northeast, Leesburg, VA, USA


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