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Vector Calculus

Vector Calculus

1. Course Prerequisites: This course is designed for students who have learned calculus I, calculus II and trigonometry.

2. DayTime: TueSat : 6:30-7:30pm (Tentative)

3. Major Topics to be Covered:

01 Determine the equation of lines, planes

02 Spheres, cylinders, and quadric surfaces 

03 Vector function and compute its higher order derivatives

04 The arc length of a vector function and The tangent, normal, binormal

05 Motion velocity and acceleration vectors and curvature for a vector function

06 Limit and continuity of a function of two or three variables

07 The partial derivative, total derivative, directional derivatives

08 Extrema of functions of two and three variables

09 Exact differentials and line integrals

10 Double integrals in Cartesian and polar coordinates

11 Triple integrals in Cartesian, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates

12 Green' s Theorem to the solution of line integrals

13 Area, volume, mass and center of mass using double and triple integrals

14 Stokes's and Divergence Theorom


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